Inside Out

By Russell Davidson | Drama
A bullied young girl seeks out her estranged mother with the help of a care worker.

The Passing

By Nichola Wong | Drama
A mortician has the hardest day of her life when someone she knows is on her table.

Young Mother

By John Robert Brown | Drama
A teenage girl roams the streets trying to buy alcohol. Then she gets desperate...

The Recordist

By Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen | Drama
A young actress has an affair with the director. The sound recordist blackmails her.

Tete de Mule

By Victor Barges | Drama
A man must smuggle refugees across the Serbian border. But there's not enough money.

A Stone's Throw

By Luke Wissell | Drama
2 parents must lie to save their teen from prison -- or tell the police the truth.


By James Doherty | Drama
A macho father is worried that his young son is soft. So he forces him to fight.

The Passage

By Fabien Montagner | Drama
A young girl travels out of time, then reveals a dark moment about her family history.

Swing for the Fences

By Alex Hardy | Drama
A woman turns to the boxing ring to overcome the anger inside of her.


By Miles Warren | Drama
A young boy explores his manhood after his father fights at a bowling alley.


By Ines Michelena | Drama
A 14-year-old girl is pressured into a double date with an older boy.

Bathtub by the Sea

By Ole-Andre Ronneberg | Drama
A man discovers a mermaid washed up on the shore, then puts her in his bathtub.


By Ryan Oksenberg | Drama
A drunk guy accidentally vomits on a homeless man, then tries to make it up to him.


By Martin Monk | Drama
A teenage girl hitchhikes to Italy in search of her biological father.

Ex Disposer

By Daniel Ferrer | Drama
A drummer tries to reunite with his ex-bandmates. But there's bad blood between them.