Don’t Be a Hero (Sundance)

By Pete Lee | Drama
A woman robs banks as a cowboy on her lunch break.

In White

By Dania Bdeir | Drama
A woman returns to Beirut for her father's funeral and faces the traditions she escaped.


By Victoria Rivera | Drama
2 sisters goof around on a summer day until their cousins come over. Then priorities change.

Great Light

By Tony Oswald | Drama
The matriarch of a Kentucky family confronts her daughter's boyfriend amid an eclipse.

The Spa

By Will Goodfellow | Drama
An elderly man doesn't want his new spa. But the deliveryman suspects there's more.


By David Brundige | Drama
A modern couple can't connect over her new short hair.

Somersault Pike

By Kate Lefoe | Drama
A competitive diver faces her fears while taking on new heights.


By Clifford Miu | Drama
A young mother asks a 911 operator for permission to shoot an impending intruder.


By Jeremy Robbins | Drama
2 brothers search for a place to call home in a new, predatory ice age.

Beloved Stranger

By The Gasser Brothers | Drama
The obsession of a boxer challenges his relationship and marks his destiny.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

By Sunday Emerson Gullifer | Drama
A theater actor has doubts in a violent production of Macbeth.

Tea Party

By Emily Shesh | Drama
A group of teenagers play 'Truth or Dare' about their burgeoning sexuality.

Locker Room

By Greta Nash | Drama
A teenage girl discovers her male friends' secret group chat.


By Boris Seewald | Drama
A young woman walks up to the mic and gives the speech of her life.


By Justin Robinson | Drama
A lone drifter who is driven by hunger walks into a bloodbath of bad luck.