Field Trip

By Yu-Wei Chang | Drama
An awkward boy is secretly dating the popular girl. But he wants to tell his class.

Junior Messenger

By Azeem Bhati | Drama
A young doctor steps outside amid the pandemic to make a phone call.

The Shooting Star Salesman

By Kico Velarde | Drama
An ageless man tries to sell shooting stars in a modern world.

Love Is a Hand Grenade

By Jessica Benhamou | Drama
Best friends hook up after a night out, then deal with their relationship.

Bitter Sea

By Fateme Ahmadi | Drama
An immigrant single mother hides her young daughter to keep her job and home in London.


By Jonathan Blagrove | Drama
A man sits in an empty parking lot. His family is in danger and everything is unravelling...

Face Down In the Back of a Car

By Sion Thomas | Drama
A deadbeat is thrown in the back of a car and sped into the night.


By Jimmy Olsson | Drama
A man tries to compose a song for his girlfriend. Then a neighbor helps him out.

Le Miroir

By Leila Murton Poole | Drama
A mute orphan protects a superstitious lady from all her bad luck.


By Henry Burge | Drama
A diner owner has 24 hours to save his family from the criminal underworld.

Five From Thirty

By Nathan Miller | Drama
A young man meets a famous actor, who challenges his definition of success.

Keep It Quiet

By Yaya | Drama
A veterinarian keeps her depression a secret from everyone. But she can't take it.

A Match at the Ends of the Earth

By David Valolao | Drama
A depressed man connects with an old friend and rediscovers life.


By Alex Tsilifonis | Drama
A security guard sees potential in a young kid on the basketball court that he locks up.


By Richard Prendergast | Drama
A young girl tells the story of her brother's fight with cancer -- as a gladiator.