Prosopagnosia by Hugo Keijzer

A man who can't recognize faces is accused of murder. Then, he sees the evidence and breaks down.

A Million Miles Away by Jennifer Reeder

A woman on the verge of a breakdown and a pack of teen girls experience a supernatural coming-of-age.

Trail of Hope by Mohamed Echkouna

A taxi driver sees a girl in the desert and gives her a ride home. Then, her dad reveals the truth.

Rabbit by Matt Richards

An abandoned teen carries a dark secret at home. Then, he shows his new girlfriend.

Cuddle Buddy by Max Barbakow

A lonely woman hires a 'cuddle buddy' to help her depression. Then, the emotions flood out.

Nacido de Nuevo by Evan Kaufmann

A border patrol agent chases down a pregnant illegal immigrant. To his shock, her water breaks.

North by Phil Sheerin

An isolated teen cares for his cancer-stricken mom. But he struggles to cope with her final wish.

Secrets by Phinehas Hodges

A couple reveals their deepest secrets to each other. But then, she breaks down from the trauma.

Concerning the Bodyguard feat. Salman Rushdie by Kasra Farahani

An omniscient narrator questions the thoughts and loyalties of a bodyguard entrusted to protect of an important leader.

Guests feat. Rico Rodriguez by Mark Columbus

A new kid is bullied for having a cancer-stricken dad. Then, he hits his breaking point.