Eileen Pratt

By Michael Kratochvil | Drama
A socially-awkward woman loses her bus driving job. Then she spirals downward.

90 Days

By Timothy Yeung | Drama
A Chinese girl arrives in Hong Kong on a tourist visa... to earn as much money as she can.

Lunch Time (Cannes)

By Alireza Ghasemi | Drama
An Iranian girl tries to enter a hospital morgue to identify her mother's body.

The Nest Egg

By Lucy Patrick Ward | Drama
A man in a chicken suit invites people to throw eggs at him. Because he has a plan.


By Robert Linsley | Drama
A local cop uncovers a disturbing truth about a strict Christian family's missing daughter.

Olde E

By Xavier Burgin | Drama
A rising basketball star is on the brink of recruitment. But his father pushes him too far.

I’m Sorry to Tell You

By Ben Price | Drama
A doctor struggles to deliver a tragic diagnosis.

Breathing Through Trees

By Stephen Takashima | Drama
An adult filmmaker discovers his ex-girlfriend is getting married.

The Gift

By Murat Akser | Drama
2 immigrants get a mysterious package in the mail. Then the police raid their home.

Our Father’s Cabin

By Jon Olav Stokke | Drama
2 estranged brothers are brought together by their father's death.

Jesse’s Girl

By M. Keegan Uhl | Drama
A woman gets cold feet at her bridal shower, then tries to avoid a future of regret.

Get Ready With Me

By Jonatan Etzler | Drama
An aspiring YouTuber shows a disturbing video to her class.


By Ben Price | Drama
A Jewish man applies for a passport. But he's refused due to his heritage.


By Andrew Reid | Drama
A paralyzed athlete struggles to regain his self-worth.

Lorne ft. Guy Pearce

By Jesse Leaman | Drama
A wasteland traveler is confronted by a mysterious stranger.