By Michael Capone | Drama
A couple searches for their missing daughter. Then a secret spills out into the open.

Digs for Pennies

By Evin O’Neill | Drama
A bare-knuckle boxer tries to earn enough money to escape to America.

Where Dreams Rest (Sundance)

By Elaine Wong | Drama
A Chinese woman risks her life to reunite with her husband in the U.S.


By Steven DeGennaro | Drama
2 black men get pulled over by a cop on a power trip.


By Aurora Fearnley | Drama
A female jogger returns to the scene of a crime looking for closure.

Sometimes, I Think About Dying (Sundance)

By Stefanie Abel Horowitz | Drama
A woman thinks about dying. But a co-worker asks her out.

What a Beautiful World This Will Be

By Tyler Walker | Drama
A nameless man must find a friend as disease ravages the city.

This Is 25

By David Mandell | Drama
A young woman tries to mask her depression on the eve of her 25th birthday.

House Finch

By Joseph Johnson | Drama
A day in the life of a mother and her disabled son.

Martha the Monster

By Christopher Weekes | Drama
A shy teenage monster tries to make new friends in a new place.

Clouds of Autumn

By Trevor Mack and Matthew Taylor Blais | Drama
2 Indigenous siblings are torn apart when one is forced to attend a school.

Holy Moses ft. Amanda Seyfried

By Eli Powers | Drama
A miracle binds a pregnant nun to a Texas gas station attendant.

Bless Me Father

By Paul M. Horan | Drama
A priest has a moral dilemma when a man confesses a secret that affects his life.


By Chris Andrews | Drama
A volatile young man struggles to control his unusual powers.

The Fox

By Henry Scriven | Drama
A vigilante thief ransacks homes across West London, despite being hunted by the police.