Your Mother and I by Anna Maguire

A genius dad tells his daughter all the ways he changed the world. Or so he says.

Ironied by Tyler Lionel Parr

A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then, a homeless man puts into perspective just how fortunate he is.

Los Angeles 1991 by Zac&Mac

The streets of Los Angeles have become a hotbed of racial tension and hate about to burst.

Pillars by Ryan A. Murphy

A young couple goes cliff-jumping. But when tragedy strikes, decisions need to be made.

Eclair by Hugo Keijzer

When a woman confronts her date with an unusual request, he's forced to choose between his beliefs or her fantasy.

Trouble Will Find Her by Nickolas Duarte

A woman leaves an abusive relationship and abandons her kids. But then, guilt overwhelms her.

The Mess He Made by Matthew Puccini

A man goes to a clinic to take an HIV test. The next 15 minutes are the longest of his life.

The Arrival by Daniel Montanarini

A woman goes to a coffee shop to tell him that she's pregnant. But then, she questions everything.

Good Boy by Oran Franco

A man struggles to grant his dying mother's final wish.

I Don’t Make the Rules by Law Chen

An ex-NFL player works as a bouncer to survive. Then, he gets a job interview and goes to extremes.