Home by 8:30

By Perry White | Drama
A young man tries to hide his double life from his family. But it comes at a price.

The Guard

By Mark Battle | Drama
A man is expecting his first baby. But he's tormented by thoughts of harming his family.

The Secret Market

By Martina McGlynn and Garret Daly | Drama
A doctor must bid at a mysterious auction. Or her past comes back to haunt her.

Thank You for Patiently Waiting

By Max Marklund and Anders Jacobsson | Drama
A man in a car accident sees his life flash before his eyes.


By Allyn Quigley | Drama
A taxi driver sees the man who killed his daughter in a car accident. So he follows him home.


By Tom Ruddock | Drama
Ex-lovers must confront their painful past to complete a hike together.


By Traci Hays | Drama
A famous artist has an idea for a controversial project. Then a detective investigates.


By Eric Otten | Drama
A high schooler must complete a drug and alcohol abuse evaluation after an incident.

A Long Beside

By Paul Marcus Wong | Drama
A young woman returns from living abroad, but struggles to connect with her brother.


By Hannah Michielsen | Drama
A mysterious woman inspires a writer. But her ideas turn into a dangerous reality.

Among Us

By Stephan Eigenmann | Drama
A young pianist discovers she's going deaf, then fights for her future as musician.

Field Trip

By Yu-Wei Chang | Drama
An awkward boy is secretly dating the popular girl. But he wants to tell his class.

Junior Messenger

By Azeem Bhati | Drama
A young doctor steps outside amid the pandemic to make a phone call.

The Shooting Star Salesman

By Kico Velarde | Drama
An ageless man tries to sell shooting stars in a modern world.

Love Is a Hand Grenade

By Jessica Benhamou | Drama
2 friends hook up after a night out, then deal with their relationship.