H Positive by Glenn Paton

When a rich man is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he takes his own life in the most thrilling way.

Stop by Reinaldo Marcus Green

A young man's livelihood is put to the test when he gets stopped by the police on his way home from practice.

Lila by Carlos Lascano

When a dreamy girl can't accept that reality is as flat as she perceives it, she uses her imagination and skills to modify it.

Mr. Madila by Rory Waudby-Tolley

A spiritual healer explores the inner mind, the fabric of the universe and the nature of reality.

Sight by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-Raz

A woman goes on a blind date with the perfect guy. Once they get to his place, everything changes.

160 Characters by Victoria Mapplebeck

A woman finds text messages on an old Nokia phone. And it tells the story of a three-year relationship.

Offside by Jimmy Dean

A young girl struggles with becoming a woman as she learns that she'll soon be kicked off the boy's soccer team.

Alone With People by Drew Van Steenbergen

Growing up gay in the South, a teenage girl sees a therapist for help coming out to her family.

This Is Vanity by Oliver Goodrum

A mother struggles to protect her disabled daughter from ruthless bullies. Then, she takes desperate measures.

Wright’s Law by Zack Conkle

A teacher uses wacky experiments to explain science... and a personal story to teach the meaning of life.