160 Characters

By Victoria Mapplebeck | Documentary
A woman finds text messages on an old Nokia phone. And it tells the story of a three-year relationship.


By Jimmy Dean | Drama
A young girl struggles with becoming a woman as she learns that she'll soon be kicked off the boy's soccer team.

Alone With People

By Drew Van Steenbergen | Comedy
Growing up gay in the South, a teenage girl sees a therapist for help coming out to her family.

This Is Vanity

By Oliver Goodrum | Drama
A mother struggles to protect her disabled daughter from ruthless bullies. Then, she takes desperate measures.

Wright’s Law

By Zack Conkle | Documentary
A teacher uses wacky experiments to explain science... and a personal story to teach the meaning of life.


By Yangzi She | Animation
A young boy who can't express his emotions shows us why being different is beautiful.

Lost Property

By Asa Lucander | Animation
When an old woman loses something dear to her heart, she goes to the only place it can be found -- the Lost Property office.


By Doug Roland | Drama
A homeless 7-year-old lives on the beach. Her story unfolds as a man comes looking for her.

The Wait

By David Hayes | Documentary
A world-famous photographer goes on the hunt for the 'perfect shot'. And it's breathtaking to see.

Speed Dating

By Meghann Artes | Animation
A young woman tries speed dating as a last ditch effort to find the man of her dreams.

The Moped Diaries

By Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz | Comedy
When a new bridge connects his island to the mainland, a boy has to deal with the changes that come with it.

Offline Dating

By Samuel Abrahams | Romance
A single guy tries to find his next date the 'old-fashioned' way -- offline.

Wire Cutters

By Jack Anderson | Animation
A chance encounter proves fateful for two robots mining on a desolate planet.