He’s Mine

By Daniel Daigle | Drama
A single man gets an unexpected visitor who gives him a chance to reset his life.

H Positive

By Glenn Paton | Drama
A wealthy man with a terminal illness takes his own life in the most thrilling way.


By Reinaldo Marcus Green | Drama
A high school athlete finds his bright future at risk when the police stop and search him.


By Carlos Lascano | Animation
A dreamy artist uses her imagination to augment her mundane life.

Mr. Madila

By Rory Waudby-Tolley | Animation
A spiritual healer explores the inner mind, the universe and the nature of reality.

160 Characters

By Victoria Mapplebeck | Documentary
A woman finds text messages on an old phone that tell the story of a relationship.


By Jimmy Dean | Drama
A young girl struggles with her womanhood as she's kicked off the boy's soccer team.

Alone With People

By Drew Van Steenbergen | Comedy
A gay teenage girl seeks help from a therapist to come out to her family.

This Is Vanity

By Oliver Goodrum | Drama
A mother struggles to protect her disabled daughter from neighborhood bullies.

Wright’s Law

By Zack Conkle | Documentary
A high school teacher's personal story teaches students the true meaning of life.


By Yangzi She | Animation
A young boy is born with facial expressions that show the opposite of what he's feeling.

Lost Property

By Asa Lucander | Animation
An elderly woman goes to the Lost Property office to find what's dear to her heart.


By Doug Roland | Drama
A homeless little girl lives on the beach. Her story unfolds as a man tries to find her.

The Wait

By David Hayes | Documentary
A wildfire photographer hunts for the perfect shot in the mountains of Romania.

Speed Dating

By Meghann Artes | Animation
A young woman tries speed dating to find the man of her dreams.