By Clare Cooney | Drama
A woman goes for a jog and witnesses something she can't run away from.

Repent Now

By Spencer Young | Horror
A young man finds and befriends a mysterious creature that guides his descent into a darker world.

From Life

By Uli Meyer | Drama
An artist sketching in a churchyard has a series of encounters with a woman who might be a ghost. But the truth is much stranger.

The Referee

By Jesper Quistgaard | Drama
A soccer referee discovers the neglect of his 8-year-old neighbor and decides to take action with unforeseen consequences.

A Crimson Man

By Mike Pappa | Sci-Fi
In a war-torn land of man vs. robot, a runaway slave must ally with a broken war-robot or be hunted down by his brutal overseers.


By Matt Porter | Drama
A couple's breakup is interrupted by a stranger looking to buy a bass amp.

How to Be Alone ft. Maika Monroe, Joe Keery

By Kate Trefry | Horror
A woman's deepest fears seem to manifest physically when her husband leaves for the night shift.


By Alex Murawski | Drama
A young boy abandons an injured girl in a snowy farmland. But as the guilt weighs upon him, he sets out to find her before it's too late.

If You Never Answered X

By Daniel McKee | Drama
A short film following the activity of a missing person's phone.


By Steve Desmond | Horror
A young girl lives in an underground bunker, protected from the monsters that ravage the world. Today, she goes outside...


By Collin Davis and Matt Litwiller | Sci-Fi
A scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans runs into a co-worker and grapples with the dire mistake that has been made.

La Carnada

By Josh Soskin | Drama
A Mexican boy embarks on his first drug smuggle across the Devil's Highway -- a notoriously fatal stretch of the Arizona desert.

Don’t Be a Hero

By Pete Lee | Drama
A middle-aged woman battles her loneliness and boredom by robbing banks in the guise of a cowboy on her lunch break.

Only In Dreams

By Travis Mauck | Romance
A man battles his memories at the wedding of the woman he thought he would marry.

Lazy Boy

By Dave Redman | Sci-Fi
A man discovers his La-Z-Boy recliner is a one-minute time machine.