The Visit by Shane Andries

A man who 'looks like a terrorist' uses it to his advantage. Then, 2 men show up to his house.

Porgies and Bass by Thomas Barnes

When a Latino man sits too close to a local fisherman on the beach, all hell breaks loose.

How Was Your Day? by Damien O’Donnell

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child. But then, everything changes.

Night by Joosje Duk

A white girl is stopped by a bouncer because the color of her skin. Then, the tables get turned.

Cul-De-Sac by Nick Flugge

A private investigator goes on a stakeout. But then, his sister shows up and ruins everything.

Margo Lily by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A couple is determined to plant a tree after the loss of a child. Then, the emotions flood out.

John Henry and the Railroad by Brandon McCormick

A railroad worker challenges a steam drill to a race. Then, he becomes an American folk hero.

Long Branch by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A heartbroken woman finds a one-night stand. But the guy lives 2 hours away... via public transit.

Orange Drive by Mark Lester

A year in the life of a guy and his car. A funny, romantic and tragic short about growing up.

Ten Thousand Days by Michael Duignan

A guy is convinced he'll die on his 10,000th day. But when he meets a girl, things don't go to plan.