Lonely Planet by Alex Burunova

A lonely woman shares a cab with a handsome stranger... and it changes her life forever.

Pawns by Tyrees A. Lamptey

A WW1 soldier is trapped in a trench with the enemy... and it restores their faith in humanity.

Straight Down Low by Zach Wechter

A high school detective tries to solve a gangland murder to protect the girl he loves.

Rhinos by Shimmy Marcus

An Irish boy reads a book in the park. Then, a German girl sits next to him and starts crying.

Where Do Lilacs Come From by Matthew Thorne

An Alzheimer's dad can't remember his own family. Then, his son shows him old home videos.

Lucky Chicken by Gulliver Moore

A baker finds a chicken that lays 'magical' eggs. But then, the butcher sees it.

The Perfect Gooseys by Andrew Mudge

A janitor's son is bullied by rich kids. So his dad stands up for him in the most heartwarming way.

The Lion by Sam H. Buchanan

A voice actor is asked to speak like he's seen a lion. And the result is absolutely brilliant.

The Treehouse by Sam Shapson and A.J. Sheeran

A young boy loses his mom, then meets a girl who claims her 'spaceship' can take him to find her.

Audible Static by Sai Selvarajan

A nervous boy stutters trying to talk to his crush. So he gets creative with a tape recorder.