Top Floor by Aaron David DeFazio

When a hedge fund manager finds out his biggest investor is pulling out, his entire world begins to collapse.

Long Branch by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A heartbroken woman finds a one-night stand. But the guy lives two hours away... via public transit.

Orange Drive by Mark Lester

A year in the life of a guy and his car.

Ten Thousand Days by Michael Duignan

A man is convinced he'll die on his 10,000th day. But when he meets a girl at his cousin's funeral, things don't go to plan.

Lonely Planet by Alex Burunova

A lonely woman travels to Barcelona and meets a tall, dark stranger. Then, he challenges her to live in the moment... with him.

Pawns by Tyrees A. Lamptey

A WW1 soldier is trapped in a trench with the enemy... and it restores their faith in humanity.

Straight Down Low by Zach Wechter

A high school detective tries to solve a gangland murder to protect the girl he loves.

Rhinos by Shimmy Marcus

An Irish boy reads a book in the park. Then, a German girl sits next to him and starts crying.

Where Do Lilacs Come From by Matthew Thorne

A man suffering from Alzheimer's desperately tries to put together the pieces of his past.

Lucky Chicken by Gulliver Moore

A quirky silent romantic comedy about a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker... and a magic chicken.