Rhinos by Shimmy Marcus

An Irish boy reads a book in the park. Then, a German girl sits next to him and starts crying.

Where Do Lilacs Come From by Matthew Thorne

A man suffering from Alzheimer's desperately tries to put together the pieces of his past.

Lucky Chicken by Gulliver Moore

A quirky silent romantic comedy about a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker... and a magic chicken.

The Perfect Gooseys by Andrew Mudge

A prep school for the junior elite has trouble accommodating an unconventional student.

The Lion by Sam H. Buchanan

A corporate recording session implodes when a seasoned voice over artist is pushed to his breaking point.

The Treehouse by Sam Shapson and A.J. Sheeran

After his mom's funeral, a boy meets an odd girl next door who claims her spaceship can find her.

Audible Static by Sai Selvarajan

A young boy stutters trying to talk to his crush. So he finds a way to cheat the system.

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart feat. Vicky Krieps by Christoph Rainer

A hopeless romantic takes desperate measures to win her former lover back. But he already has a new girl at his side.

Lost In Sound by Adam Neustadter

A woman, whose life has been accompanied by a cinematic score, struggles to connect with people.

Doubles by Jacob Motz

When two universes collide and create 'doubles' of everyone, a guy gets a chance to win the heart of his dream girl's clone.