Uncanny Valley by Federico Heller

In the future, video games are the new drug of choice. Then, a player discovers a terrifying truth.

The Present by Jacob Frey

A little boy spends most of his time playing video games... until his mom gives him a present.

Tumble Dry Low by Jefferson Stein

A little girl and her father cope with loss in East Texas.

Prosopagnosia by Hugo Keijzer

A man who can't recognize faces is accused of murder. Then, he sees the evidence and breaks down.

The Privates by Dylan Allen

A rock band discovers a radioactive energy in their music. But they can't control it.

A Million Miles Away by Jennifer Reeder

A woman on the verge of a breakdown and a pack of teen girls experience a supernatural coming-of-age.

Hotel 22 by Elizabeth Lo

Each night in Silicon Valley, a bus line turns into a homeless shelter in one of the richest parts of the world.

The Gunfighter feat. Nick Offerman by Eric Kissack

A lone gunslinger walks into a saloon. But then, he hears the bloodthirsty narrator.

Afternoon Delight by Matteo J. Mosterts

A cable guy goes to a lonely woman's home to fix her TV... and gets more than he bargained for.

Nacido de Nuevo by Evan Kaufmann

A border patrol agent chases down a pregnant illegal immigrant. To his shock, her water breaks.