Hotel 22 by Elizabeth Lo

Each night in Silicon Valley, a bus line turns into a homeless shelter in one of the richest parts of the world.

The Gunfighter feat. Nick Offerman by Eric Kissack

A lone gunslinger walks into a saloon. But then, he hears the bloodthirsty narrator.

Afternoon Delight by Matteo J. Mosterts

A cable guy goes to a lonely woman's home to fix her TV... and gets more than he bargained for.

Nacido de Nuevo feat. Juan Pablo Raba by Evan Kaufmann

On the anniversary of his son's death, a border patrol agent finds redemption at the hands of an illegal alien in a life-altering night.

Two Dosas by Sarmad Masud

A geeky guy takes his date to an Indian restaurant. To his horror, she goes off-menu in Hindi.

In Passing by Alan Miller

Two lonely strangers jump off a tower to end their lives, then discover it's never too late to fall in love.

North by Phil Sheerin

An isolated teen fights against his family's decision and struggles to be heard as he watches his mother willingly die.

George and the Vacuum feat. Fred Armisen by Chadd Harbold

A couple walks through the streets of Brooklyn and revisit their memories. Then, he reveals a dream.

The Bigger Picture by Daisy Jacobs

Two brothers whose aging mother is dying, struggle to care for her.

Secrets by Phinehas Hodges

A couple reveals their deepest secrets to each other. But then, she breaks down from the trauma.