Creswick by Natalie Erika James

A woman's fear of her childhood home is brought to light when her aging father claims there's a presence in the house.

Sea Devil by Dean C. Marcial and Brett Potter

A fisherman tries to smuggle Cuban immigrants into Miami. But then, he sees something in the water.

Night of the Slasher by Shant Hamassian

A hot girl invites a nerdy guy to her home to hook up. To his surprise, she has bigger plans.

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham by Matt Richards

A man avoids the death penalty after murdering a little girl. Instead, his punishment is far worse.

O Negative by Steven McCarthy

A man picks up a woman in a bar and convinces her to go to his motel room. Then, his lover walks in.

Snake Bite by Tim Hyten

Four boys find their friendship tested when one is bitten by a snake. Then, they go to extremes.

The Bridge Partner by Gabriel Olson

A shy housewife fights for her survival after a new bridge partner whispers a threat in her ear.

Cazzette: Sleepless by Peter Huang

A guy brings a date back to his place to hook up. Then, the night takes a sinister turn.

Healey’s House by Rob Savage

A man kills a robber breaking into his house. Now, the robber's daughter wants revenge.