Official Selection

Spoetnik by Noel Loozen

A young man works in a food truck across from a brothel. Then, he sees a girl that needs his help.

How Was Your Day? by Damien O’Donnell

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child. But then, everything changes.

Margo Lily by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A couple is determined to plant a tree after the loss of a child. Then, the emotions flood out.

Long Branch by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A heartbroken woman finds a one-night stand. But the guy lives 2 hours away... via public transit.

Orange Drive by Mark Lester

A year in the life of a guy and his car. A funny, romantic and tragic short about growing up.

Ten Thousand Days by Michael Duignan

A guy is convinced he'll die on his 10,000th day. But when he meets a girl, things don't go to plan.

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart by Christoph Rainer

A hopeless romantic takes desperate measures to win her ex back. Then, she goes to extremes.

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham by Matt Richards

A man avoids the death penalty after murdering a little girl. Instead, his punishment is far worse.

Snake Bite by Tim Hyten

A boy goes in the woods and gets bitten by a dangerous snake. So his friends do the unthinkable.

The Bridge Partner by Gabriel Olson

A shy housewife fights for her survival after a new bridge partner whispers a threat in her ear.