The Bigger Picture

By Daisy Jacobs | Animation
2 brothers struggle to care for their elderly mother.

Concerning the Bodyguard

By Kasra Farahani | Drama
A bodyguard protects a powerful leader. But his loyalties are questioned.

The iMom

By Ariel Martin | Sci-Fi
A mother leaves her kids to the care of a robot. Then an unexpected bond is formed.

Fill Your Heart With French Fries

By Tamar Glezerman | Romance
A woman is dumped at a fast food joint and stays an entire week.

Lost Property

By Asa Lucander | Animation
An elderly woman goes to the Lost Property office to find what's dear to her heart.

The Moped Diaries

By Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz | Comedy
A young boy deals with change when a bridge connects his island to the mainland.