The Privates by Dylan Allen

A rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music that they can't control.

Supersymmetry by Trent Jaklitsch

This beautiful tribute to a heroic dad and the universe just might move you to tears.

The iMom by Ariel Martin

When a mother leaves her kids under the supervision of the a robot, an unexpected connection is formed.

The Narrow World by Brent Bonacorso

When a giant alien comes to Earth, a scientist tries to decipher what it wants and means to mankind.

Sight by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-Raz

A woman goes on a blind date with the perfect guy. Once they get to his place, everything changes.

Requiem for a Robot by Christoph Rainer

A robot with a corrupt memory drowns his sorrows in alcohol, then returns to a disappointed creator.

Lost Boy by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns

A killer cyborg chases a woman through the ruins of an apocalyptic future.