By Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi
A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones.

Down to Earth

By Nick Crowhurst | Sci-Fi
A young teen discovers a mysterious meteorite in the Australian Outback.

Bliss Is Orange

By Jenna Kanell | Sci-Fi
A young woman discovers her soulmate is nearby when her implant chip lights up...


By Owen Rixon | Sci-Fi
Cute, cartoon aliens arrive on Earth. Then they reveal their true intentions.

Yuri's Omen

By Jordi Montornes | Sci-Fi
A Ukrainian man travels to Chernobyl to uncover the haunting truth of his past.

Battery Life

By Hugo Keijzer | Sci-Fi
A young woman is addicted to her phone. But if her battery dies, she dies...

The Star of Eros

By Jon Sahagian | Sci-Fi
A young woman and her robot kidnap her broken family to see a legendary comet.

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

By Kerry Yang | Sci-Fi
Genghis Khan meets a wizard that sends him to the moon.

The Five Minutes

By Shange Zhang | Sci-Fi
A grieving man is given an opportunity to talk to his dead wife -- for 5 minutes.

Into the Silent Sea

By Andrej Landin | Sci-Fi
A Soviet cosmonaut who is stranded in space discovers a voice in the distance.

The Bumbry Encounter

By Jay K. Raja | Sci-Fi
A newlywed couple has a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky.

Vostok Station (Sundance)

By Dylan Pharazyn | Sci-Fi
The sole survivor of a catastrophic event experiences a moment of beauty.


By Paul Cooke and Dominic Rees-Roberts | Sci-Fi
A father and daughter are quarantined at home in a post-antibiotic world.


By Daniel M. Smith | Sci-Fi
A young genius creates an insect-sized drone to spy on his ex-girlfriend.

The Landing

By Josh Tanner | Sci-Fi
A man uncovers the horrifying truth of what landed on his childhood farm.