The Five Minutes

By Shange Zhang | Sci-Fi
A grieving man is given an opportunity to talk to his dead wife -- for 5 minutes.

Into the Silent Sea

By Andrej Landin | Sci-Fi
A Soviet cosmonaut who is stranded in space discovers a voice in the distance.

The Bumbry Encounter

By Jay K. Raja | Sci-Fi
A newlywed couple has a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky.

Vostok Station (Sundance)

By Dylan Pharazyn | Sci-Fi
The sole survivor of a catastrophic event experiences a moment of beauty.


By Paul Cooke and Dominic Rees-Roberts | Sci-Fi
A father and daughter are quarantined at home in a post-antibiotic world.


By Daniel M. Smith | Sci-Fi
A young genius creates an insect-sized drone to spy on his ex-girlfriend.

The Landing

By Josh Tanner | Sci-Fi
A man uncovers the horrifying truth of what landed on his childhood farm.

The Occupant

By Hugo Keijzer | Sci-Fi
A Russian drone operator encounters a UFO, then must decide what is real and not.

The Misinventions of Milo Weatherby

By Bill Whirity | Sci-Fi
A young genius creates a time machine out of a microwave.


By Kyle Bogart | Sci-Fi
Human actors are obsolete. Now there are A.I. holographic projections.

The Goodnight Show

By Charlie Schwan | Sci-Fi
A virgin tries to get laid before an unstoppable asteroid ends the world.


By Matthew Bumby and Benjamin Sliker | Sci-Fi
A woman trying to conceive a child gets a chance from an unexpected source -- the sky.


By Mark J. Blackman | Sci-Fi
A man is forbidden from pursuing love. So he plans to escape his heartbreaking existence.

In Full Bloom

By Maegan Houang | Sci-Fi
A hoarder's life is upended when worms open a black hole in her house.


By Harry Jackson | Sci-Fi
A call center candidate must show a positive attitude to save a competitor's life.