The Garden of Steven by Chris Keener and Rob Shore

A young missionary walks into a bar. Then, the bartender changes his life with a single drink.

The Lion by Sam H. Buchanan

A voice actor is asked to speak like he's seen a lion. And the result is absolutely brilliant.

Don’t Call It a Comeback by Ramin Serry

A single man dies, then tries to convince an angel to send him back for a one-night stand.

Situational by Scott Simonsen

A guy sees a doctor for depression. So his roommate tries to 'cure' him in the most ridiculous way.

The Car by Joffrey Saintrapt

A man is fired for living in his car at the company parking lot. Then, his day gets even worse.

Pregnant Pause by Alice Seabright

A young woman tells her boyfriend that she's pregnant. But she has no idea what she wants.

Capes by Lucas Testro

When a clumsy superhero keeps getting his sidekicks killed, he tries a temp agency.

What Cheer? by Michael Slavens

A musician's wife dies, forcing him to deal with grief... in the form of a 20-piece brass band.

I’m You, Dickhead by Lucas Testro

A man goes back in time to get his 10-year-old self to learn guitar, so he gets girls in the future.

Digits by Alexander Engel

A guy loses the last 2 digits of a girl's number. So he tries every combination to find her.