Check Please by Geoffrey James

After a relaxing evening out to dinner, two prideful men battle over who gets to pay the check.

1500 Words by Andrew Chaplin

A man with 1500 words left to live faces a battle to keep his marriage and himself alive using the fewest words possible.

Elderflower by Ben Mallaby

A woman opens a flower shop, then discovers its location used to be a front for a business with unusual clients.

Otherhalf by Ben West

A guy literally 'breaks up' with himself. So he goes to a therapist to try to put him back together.

Crazy Hands by Charlie Graley

A man wakes up to discover his hands have a life of their own.

Writer’s Workshop by Ryan Francis Johnson

An aspiring writer goes to a writer's workshop to get some honest feedback. But he didn't expect it to be so brutal.

Pop Music by Patrick Muhlberger

A man who thinks he's a samurai wants revenge on a DJ for ruining his niece's school dance.

Places, Thank You Places by J.J. Adler

An overconfident understudy lets a taste of fame go right to his head.

The Only People Who Have Ever Seen Rob’s Penis by Christian Cerezo

A virgin is trapped in a room of people from his past. Then, a wizard asks what they all have in common.

Spoetnik by Noel Loozen

A young man works in a food truck across from a brothel. Then, he sees a girl that needs his help.