Situational by Scott Simonsen

A depressed man is kidnapped by his Craigslist roommate to see a sunrise over the ocean. But then, tensions begin to mount.

The Car by Joffrey Saintrapt

A man and his car are about to have a very bad day.

Pregnant Pause by Alice Seabright

A young woman is in a happy, long-term relationship. But now, she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

Capes by Lucas Testro

When a superhero finds himself short of a sidekick, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

What Cheer? feat. Richard Kind by Michael Slavens

After the sudden passing of his wife, a musician is forced to deal with grief... in the form of a 20-piece brass band.

I’m You, Dickhead by Lucas Testro

A man travels back in time to force his 10-year-old self to learn guitar, so he can get more action with the ladies.

Digits by Alexander Engel

A guy loses the last two digits of a girl's number. So he tries every combination to find her.

The Fly by Olly Williams

A getaway driver waits outside a bank robbery. Then, a fly shows up and ruins everything.

So You’ve Grown Attached by Kate Tsang

An imaginary friend is forced to consider retirement when his creator starts to grow up.

The Proposal by Ian Robertson

A couple finds truth, courage and love where they least expected it -- underneath their dinner table.