Traction by Rory Uphold

A woman goes on a blind date and the guy tells racist jokes. Then, a black man walks up to them.

So It Goes by Justin Carlton

A woman can't find her voice recording a song. Then, a stranger reminds her why she loves music.

Fill Your Heart With French Fries by Tamar Glezerman

A young woman gets dumped at a fast food restaurant. She's so sad she stays for an entire week.

Get Staffed by Big Red Button

A man sold all his stuff and spent the money hiring people to do whatever he wanted.

Alone With People by Drew Van Steenbergen

A young woman sees a therapist for help coming out to her family. Her dad's reaction is priceless.

Tumbleweed by Jared Varava

The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble.

The Moped Diaries by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz

A young man loses his entire family and everything he loves. Then, he gets a wake-up call.