Tim of the Jungle by Nasos Gatzoulis

A high school student tries to finish a soundtrack to a horror film. But his dysfunctional parents keep fighting.

Lambing Season by Jack Benjamin Gill

An isolated teen suspects he's a victim of a child kidnapping. And his parents aren't who they seem.

Ari by Alex Murawski

An overweight boy struggles trying to talk to his crush. But then, he finds courage in the most unexpected way.

This Always Happens by Alexander Christenson

A couple on a first date clash over astrology.

Balance by Mark Ram

Two friends climb a mountain, connected by a rope. But when one falls, the other's life hangs in an unstable balance.

Wash Club by Simon Dymond

An aspiring journalist accidentally becomes ringleader of the very cult he is supposed to be investigating.

Beat feat. Ben Whishaw by Aneil Karia

A young man walks a paper-thin line between profound joy and complete hopelessness.

Blood and Water by Brian Blum

An Olympic platform diver struggles to return to the pool after a horrific training accident.

Clown Face by Jason Jeffrey

A man has a midlife crisis and leaves his wife. But now, he's lonely and seeking forgiveness from his angry daughter.

Pops by Chris Bailey

A young boy endures a basketball workout with his dad while remembering the night that changed his life.