Rabbit by Matt Richards

An abandoned teen carries a dark secret at home. Then, he shows his new girlfriend.

Cuddle Buddy by Max Barbakow

A lonely woman hires a 'cuddle buddy' to help her depression. Then, the emotions flood out.

Nacido de Nuevo by Evan Kaufmann

A border patrol agent chases down a pregnant illegal immigrant. To his shock, her water breaks.

North by Phil Sheerin

An isolated teen cares for his cancer-stricken mom. But he struggles to cope with her final wish.

Secrets by Phinehas Hodges

A couple reveals their deepest secrets to each other. But then, she breaks down from the trauma.

Concerning the Bodyguard by Kasra Farahani

A loyal bodyguard protects a powerful leader. But then, he starts to question everything.

Guests by Mark Columbus

A new kid is bullied for having a cancer-stricken dad. Then, he hits his breaking point.

Mariner by Thyrone Tommy

A Navy cadet suffers intense anxiety during his final exams. Then, his past haunts and helps him.

Welcome by Serena Dykman

A Czech doctor is held up at U.S. immigration, the day her boyfriend wants to propose to her.

Yellow by Alexander Hankoff and Alexander Maxwell

A racing driver makes a deal to crash in the big race. But then, he gets more than he bargained for.