Happy Valentine’s Day by Neymarc Brothers

The downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers.

Sleepover LA by Lily Baldwin

A woman travels to LA to lay her sister's ashes to rest. Then, she experiences her last night alive.

Muscle by Heidi Miami Marshall

A woman struggles to care for her dying husband. Then, she meets the other girl.

The Invisible Man by Hugo Keijzer

A debt collector pulls a gun on two drug traffickers, then forces them to play a sadistic game of Russian roulette.

Dan Invited Hannah Over for Dinner by Patrick T. Lo

A young woman questions her boyfriend's intention behind an 'arbitrary' dinner invitation.

Pawns by Tyrees A. Lamptey

A WW1 soldier is trapped in a trench with the enemy... and it restores their faith in humanity.

High Hoops by Tanner Jarman

A teen girl fights for a starting spot on the basketball team. But then, tragedy strikes.

Ellen Is Leaving by Michelle Savill

On the eve of departing overseas, a young woman makes the fateful decision to gift her boyfriend a new girlfriend.

Straight Down Low by Zach Wechter

A high school detective tries to solve a gangland murder to protect the girl he loves.

People In Cars by Daniel Lundh

Everyday conversations inside cars about love, relationships and mistakes.