Whispers Among Wolves by Kevin Lim

An alcoholic CEO meets with her personal assistant. Then, they reveal secrets and open old wounds.

12 Weeks by Marc-Andre Girard

A woman suffers a miscarriage in the bathroom of a mall. Then, she tries to cope with the loss.

He’s Mine by Daniel Daigle

A single guy gets a visit from his biological son. And it gives him a second chance at life.

H Positive by Glenn Paton

A rich man is diagnosed with a terminal illness, then builds a roller coaster to take his own life.

Stop by Reinaldo Marcus Green

A black teen is stopped by the police for the color of his skin. And it puts his future to the test.

The Family by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen

A little boy finds out his parents are getting a divorce. So he refuses to leave the car to protest.

Offside by Jimmy Dean

A young girl is kicked off the boys' soccer team as she tries to cope with becoming a woman.

Vows by Tal Zagreba

A man goes home to tell his wife he wants a divorce, then walks into a surprise party for him.

Two Men by Dominic Allen

A man sees another man running towards him. Then, he starts to question everything.

This Is Vanity by Oliver Goodrum

A mom saw bullies walking up to her disabled daughter. So she goes over and does the unthinkable.