Others Will Follow by Andrew Finch

The lone survivor of a failed mission to Mars uses his last moments to transmit a message of hope.

Future Boyfriend by Ben Rock

A woman goes on a date with the 'perfect guy'. But then, he reveals he's from the future.

In the Gap by Albin Glasell

A woman wakes up trapped inside a server room. Then, she sees the countdown clock.

Future Hero by Ramin Serry

A man goes back in time to save his baby self from a killer android. Then, his dad ruins everything.

Russell Curtis by James P. Gannon

A young man is sent back in time. But then, his future self shows up and tries to change his past.

Doubles by Jacob Motz

A nerd gets a date with his dream girl after 2 universes collide and create 'doubles' of everyone.

Trial by The Brothers Lynch

A paralyzed soldier undergoes a breakthrough surgery and walks again. But at a terrible cost.

ZARI by Courtney Marsh

A lonely dog tries to make friends with a household robot. But then, the robot malfunctions.

Beautiful Dreamer by David Gaddie

A dying mother travels at near-light speed, bending time to watch her baby daughter grow up.

Uncanny Valley by Federico Heller

In the future, video games are the new drug of choice. Then, a player discovers a terrifying truth.