The Invisible Man by Hugo Keijzer

A debt collector pulls a gun on two drug traffickers, then forces them to play a sadistic game of Russian roulette.

Dan Invited Hannah Over for Dinner by Patrick T. Lo

A young woman questions her boyfriend's intention behind an 'arbitrary' dinner invitation.

Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard by Tyler Hollinger

Two lifeguards are forced to make adult decisions after being confronted with the end of summer.

Lonely Planet by Alex Burunova

A lonely woman travels to Barcelona and meets a tall, dark stranger. Then, he challenges her to live in the moment... with him.

The Garden of Steven by Chris Keener and Rob Shore

A young missionary walks into a bar. Then, the bartender changes his life with a single drink.

Pawns by Tyrees A. Lamptey

A WW1 soldier is trapped in a trench with the enemy... and it restores their faith in humanity.

High Hoops by Tanner Jarman

A teen girl fights for a starting spot on the basketball team. But then, tragedy strikes.

Infinite Scroll by Peter Henderson

An animated short about the prefabrication of social media.

Ellen Is Leaving by Michelle Savill

On the eve of departing overseas, a young woman makes the fateful decision to gift her boyfriend a new girlfriend.

Straight Down Low by Zach Wechter

A high school detective tries to solve a gangland murder to protect the girl he loves.