Partners by Joey Ally

A couple's love life begins to slump, forcing them to reconsider the relationship and confront how intertwined they've become.

Gamechanger by Christian van Duuren

A soldier gets caught up 'playing war' with the neighborhood kids. But what starts as a game turns deadly serious.

Penny Sucker feat. James Paxton by Erin Elders

After the death of his mother, a young man struggles to connect with friends and family while revealing an odd coping mechanism.

Sweep by Spencer Gillis

Two men smoke a joint and become fast friends. But when a cop shows up, they part in an unforgivable way.

Kiss by Alex Murawski

A shy boy has never been kissed. But when his best friend offers his girlfriend to practice with, his desires suddenly awaken.

The Loyalist by Minji Kang

A North Korean general visits his daughter at her Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to the motherland.

Meow by Chris Jopp

When a young woman takes in a stray cat, a series of bloody occurrences begin to happen.

Wifey Redux by Robert McKeon

A dad meets his daughter's new boyfriend, then gets obsessed with breaking them up.

Creswick by Natalie Erika James

A woman's fear of her childhood home is brought to light when her aging father claims there's a presence in the house.