The Christmas Light Killer by James P. Gannon

During Christmas, one man drives a two-mile stretch, killing the lights to a holiday show, ending the joy day after day.

Digits by Alexander Engel

A guy loses the last two digits of a girl's number. So he tries every combination to find her.

Foxed by James Stewart

When a little girl is kidnapped by foxes and forced to dig in a mine, she uses her wits to get back home.

The Fly by Olly Williams

A getaway driver waits outside a bank robbery. Then, a fly shows up and ruins everything.

So You’ve Grown Attached by Kate Tsang

An imaginary friend is forced to consider retirement when his creator starts to grow up.

Xiong Di by Enric Ribes and Oriol Martinez

Xiong di means 'brotherhood' in Chinese. Only friendship, love and kickboxing can make them forget they're living in a factory.

The Sea Is Blue by Vincent Peone

A stop-motion fable explains how the ocean got its color.

The Proposal by Ian Robertson

A couple finds truth, courage and love where they least expected it -- underneath their dinner table.

Drawcard by Antonio Orena-Barlin

A man draws a penis on a co-worker's farewell card, then realizes it's the boss's sympathy card.

Night of the Slasher by Shant Hamassian

A teenage girl drinks alcohol, does drugs and has sex to lure a killer and finish him off.