Eclair by Hugo Keijzer

When a woman confronts her date with an unusual request, he's forced to choose between his beliefs or her fantasy.

Trouble Will Find Her by Nickolas Duarte

A woman leaves an abusive relationship and abandons her kids. But then, guilt overwhelms her.

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham by Matt Richards

An inmate is selected to undergo a radical new justice program under the State's revised stance on capital crime.

O Negative by Steven McCarthy

A man picks up a woman in a bar and convinces her to go to his motel room. Then, his lover walks in.

We Live This by James Burns

4 boys from the projects dance on the subway to make ends meet. But they have bigger dreams.

Notes on a Case of Nicholas Gurewitch by Calyer Creative

A glimpse into the whimsical mind of Nicholas Gurewitch, as he illustrates a picture book about 'Death'.

The Mess He Made by Matthew Puccini

A man goes to a clinic to take an HIV test. The next 15 minutes are the longest of his life.

The Itching by Dianne Bellino

A shy wolf tries to befriend a group of party-loving bunnies. But then, her body starts to revolt.

The Arrival by Daniel Montanarini

A woman goes to a coffee shop to tell him that she's pregnant. But then, she questions everything.

Finn by Christian Schultz

A dad's heartbreaking video about his dying son is trying to fund the cure to save his life.