This Is She by Tarik Karam

A lonely woman plays a game with a mysterious spot on the walls of her new apartment.

Cat City by Victoria Vincent

A cat runs away from home to make a new life for himself. But then, he walks into a bar.

I Think I Love You by Xiya Lan

A film student made a beautiful animation about love's different forms.

H Positive by Glenn Paton

When a rich man is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he takes his own life in the most thrilling way.

Get Staffed by Big Red Button

A man sold all his stuff and spent the money hiring people to do whatever he wanted.

Stop by Reinaldo Marcus Green

A young man's livelihood is put to the test when he gets stopped by the police on his way home from practice.

Lila by Carlos Lascano

When a dreamy girl can't accept that reality is as flat as she perceives it, she uses her imagination and skills to modify it.

A Continuous Shape by Eyes and Ears

Watch a stone carver create a portrait -- from start to finish -- out of massive blocks of stone.

Colors by Nki Studio

A black and white forest is colored in vibrant hues... except for one sad little animal.

The Last Mambabatok by Brent Foster

This 99-year-old woman is the last 'hand-tap' tattoo artist of her generation.