Everything’s Gonna Be Okay by Matt Soson

Two people backpacking through the desert stop to face the reality of a dire situation.

QWERTY by Aaron Sauerland

A young boy struggles to fix his relationship with his father by creating a robot in hopes to win the school talent show.

The Cat’s Cradle by David Spaltro

A couple's pillow talk turns into a night of confessions and mutual betrayal that changes their relationship forever.

Gamechanger by Christian van Duuren

A soldier gets caught up 'playing war' with the neighborhood kids. But what starts as a game turns deadly serious.

Long Term Delivery by Jake Honig

A secret division of the United States Postal Service will stop at nothing to deliver a 10 year old Christmas present.

Crystal by Chell Stephen

A teen girl with a bad attitude tries to escape her small-town life and pursue her dream of becoming a pop star.

Delicious Ambiguity by Justin Canel

A woman reunites a group of old friends for an engagement party dinner where perfect chaos ensues.

Snooze Time by Ivan Barge

A woman reflects on the weird and wonderful effects of time on her life and relationships.

Alegna by Fraser Rigg

A British soldier returns home from the war in Iraq. Still haunted by his experiences, he struggles with the effects of PTSD.

Homing In by Parker Hill

A woman is startled when she finds an unexpected dinner guest in her home. But then, it feels all too familiar.