Literally by Matteo J. Mosterts

In a world where 'literallies' fly unpunished -- there's a secret force determined to end the trend.

Balcony by David Dell’Edera

An old man shows up from nowhere and shakes up the neighborhood.

Wifey Redux by Robert McKeon

A dad meets his daughter's new boyfriend, then gets obsessed with breaking them up.

Creswick by Natalie Erika James

A woman's fear of her childhood home is brought to light when her aging father claims there's a presence in the house.

Check Please by Geoffrey James

After a relaxing evening out to dinner, two prideful men battle over who gets to pay the check.

Small Arms feat. Tyler Young by Arman Cole

A bullied college student seeks out shooting lessons with an ex-militia member to prove his manhood.

1500 Words by Andrew Chaplin

A man with 1500 words left to live faces a battle to keep his marriage and himself alive using the fewest words possible.

Elderflower by Ben Mallaby

A woman opens a flower shop, then discovers its location used to be a front for a business with unusual clients.

Otherhalf by Ben West

A guy literally 'breaks up' with himself. So he goes to a therapist to try to put him back together.

Tim of the Jungle by Nasos Gatzoulis

A high school student tries to finish a soundtrack to a horror film. But his dysfunctional parents keep fighting.