Human Sun

By Carl Bird McLaughlin | Drama
A spiritual teacher has a mental breakdown -- and it's showtime. His only hope comes from an unassuming source.


By Sam Buntrock | Sci-Fi
A best man travels back in time after losing a wedding ring.


By Andrew Montague | Horror
A sound recordist tries to find the source of a mysterious sound while recording on location in a forest. Watch with headphones.


By Michael Wooldridge | Drama
When a young CEO is extorted on the eve of the company's IPO, she's faced with an impossible choice.

Extra Toppings

By Alex Backstrom | Comedy
A young pizza driver gets more than she bargains for after being pulled into a feud between two rival pizza shops.

The Referee

By Jesper Quistgaard | Drama
A soccer referee discovers the neglect of his 8-year-old neighbor and decides to take action with unforeseen consequences.

Now a Minor Motion Picture

By Angus Kirby | Comedy
A self-destructive young actress tries to keep her creativity alive after being put under house arrest.


By Varun Raman and Tom Hancock | Sci-Fi
Set in the near future, Britain has become Britannia -- a nightmarish place where "together we stand alone."

Steve’s Kinkoes

By Emma Debany | Horror
A man finds himself in an otherworldly 24/7 copy-shop.

The Wonderful

By Erin Good | Drama
A man is sent to verify a lead for his job at Wonder Inc., then finds an equally lost soul in the form of a young girl who can levitate.


By Ollie Verschoyle | Drama
In a small American town, a mundane event sparks a glimpse into a mysterious and normally unseen world.

Lola: Girl Got a Gun

By Emily Elizabeth Thomas | Drama
A young girl searches for purpose and belonging in a conservative and abusive West Texas household.

A Crimson Man

By Mike Pappa | Sci-Fi
In a war-torn land of man vs. robot, a runaway slave must ally with a broken war-robot or be hunted down by his brutal overseers.


By Matt Porter | Drama
A couple's breakup is interrupted by a stranger looking to buy a bass amp.

How I Got to the Moon by Subway

By Tyler Rabinowitz | Drama
After being diagnosed with ALS, a grumpy older man goes to the hospital to record his voice before he loses the ability to speak.