The Damned

By Fred Cavender | Sci-Fi
A group of people go through their daily lives, in a city surrounded by a massive wall.

Don’t Be a Hero

By Pete Lee | Drama
A middle-aged woman battles her loneliness and boredom by robbing banks in the guise of a cowboy on her lunch break.

In White

By Dania Bdeir | Drama
A woman returns to Beirut for her father's funeral, forcing her to face the traditions she escaped and the fiancee she's been hiding.

Deep Dish Apocalypse

By David Codeglia | Comedy
As a zombie-riddled Los Angeles erupts in chaos, two co-workers bump into each other on an abandoned subway platform.


By Yonatan Weinstein | Drama
When a vaccine is denied permission for human trials, a young scientist will do whatever it takes to prove its efficacy.

Only In Dreams

By Travis Mauck | Romance
A man battles his memories at the wedding of the woman he thought he would marry.

Lazy Boy

By Dave Redman | Sci-Fi
A man discovers his La-Z-Boy recliner is a one-minute time machine.

Our Kind of Love

By Elham Ehsas and Azeem Bhati | Romance
An Afghan village girl goes on her first date in London.

To Live and Dine In L.A. ft. David Hasselhoff

By Sebastian Stenhoj | Comedy
Troubled locals and German tourists come together for a star-studded dining experience they won't soon forget.

Alfred J. Hemlock

By Edward Lyons | Horror
When a young woman is abandoned in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway with a mysterious entity.

After She’s Gone

By Richard Jamze | Sci-Fi
When their only daughter dies, a grieving mother and father are forced to confront their competitive relationship over her.


By Stephen Cervantes | Comedy
A young man's broken masculinity is exposed by a talking tortoise.


By Victoria Rivera | Drama
Two sisters goof around on a hot summer day. But when their cousins come over, priorities begin to change.

Great Light

By Tony Oswald | Drama
The matriarch of a rural Kentucky family takes issue with her daughter's boyfriend at a gathering to view the total solar eclipse.


By Clifford Miu | Horror
A superstitious Chinese student signs a lease for a luxury apartment, then finds out it was the site of a homicide.