Blood and Water by Brian Blum

An Olympic platform diver struggles to return to the pool after a horrific training accident.

The Champion by Patrick McGowan and Brett Garamella

A former Iraqi boxing champion overcomes tremendous hardships as he builds a bond with his family and taxi customers in Chicago.

Clown Face by Jason Jeffrey

A man has a midlife crisis and leaves his wife. But now, he's lonely and seeking forgiveness from his angry daughter.

Blood On My Name by Brandon McCormick

A man tries to make a deal after a botched robbery. Instead, he calls down the agents of a supernatural force.

The Meltdown by Connor Kerrigan

A sarcastic physicist at a nuclear test site finds himself in a sticky situation after his ineptitude leaves the facility in grave danger.

Pops by Chris Bailey

A young boy endures a basketball workout with his dad while remembering the night that changed his life.

Passion Gap by Matt Portman and Jason Donald

A young woman who grew up in violence plans to use her boyfriend to escape. She just has to survive one more night.

BobbyAnna by Jackson Kroopf

A love story between 2 young women gets interrupted when one of them loses her home.

Places, Thank You Places by J.J. Adler

An overconfident understudy lets a taste of fame go right to his head.

The Only People Who Have Ever Seen Rob’s Penis by Christian Cerezo

A virgin is trapped in a room of people from his past. Then, a wizard asks what they all have in common.