Alice, Adelaide by Blair Macdonald and Oliver Clark

Two filmmakers drove across the desert heart of Australia. And these are some of the people they met along the way.

Tinseltown by Corrie Chen

A young woman walks into a factory in modern China... and learns that finding hope isn't hopeless.

Remora by David Schofield

A loan shark preys on the poor in a rundown seaside town. But then, his enforcer has a change of heart.

Frolic ‘N Mae by Danny Madden

A young girl creates a little monster from ink and cardboard. But then, the monster creates mayhem.

Breathless by Oleksii Sobolev

A synchronized swimmer tries to win the championship and her coach's heart. But then, a new girl shows up.

Spoetnik by Noel Loozen

A young man works in a food truck across from a brothel. Then, he sees a girl that needs his help.

Bitch Please by Kara Durrett

A guy surprises his feminist girlfriend with breakfast in bed. But he has other plans.

The Ghosts by Eddie O’Keefe

When a young girl falls for a mysterious gang leader, her entire life gets turned upside-down.

Grey Bull by Eddy Bell

A Sudanese refugee sees a bull he believes is his spiritual totem. So he tries to rescue it.

The Visit by Shane Andries

A man who 'looks like a terrorist' uses it to his advantage. Then, two men show up to his house looking for answers.