The Uburglar

By Cutter Hodierne | Comedy
An Uber driver picks up a man heading to the airport, then breaks into his home while he's away. Based on a true story.

The Practice of Loneliness

By Ester Song Kim | Drama
A woman adapts a new practice, a lifestyle of loneliness to achieve her highest self.

Face Swap

By David Gidali | Sci-Fi
A man convinces his wife to try new A.I. technology to spice up their love life. But he gets more than he bargains for.

Beloved Stranger

By The Gasser Brothers | Drama
The obsession of an underground boxer challenges his relationship and marks his own destiny.


By Jaime Gonzalez | Sci-Fi
Scientists discover a way to record dreams. But people with ulterior motives exploit those with the most powerful dreams.

Small Little Things

By Jared Hogan | Drama
As two teenagers meet and fall in love, a dreamy and mesmerizing portrait of young love shifts between fantasy and memory.


By Jeff Loveness | Comedy
A stock footage photographer fights for the beauty of his art and the love of a floss model.

The Order

By Chad Cunningham | Horror
Three scouts are selected for a prestigious opportunity. But then, they realize nothing is what it seems.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

By Sunday Emerson Gullifer | Drama
A theater actor questions her calling when she plays in an increasingly violent production of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

A Bride & A Groom

By Christian Cerezo | Comedy
The story of a woman literally born wearing a wedding dress.

Tea Party

By Emily Shesh | Drama
Five best friends play a game of Truth or Dare that quickly centers around their burgeoning sexuality and pressures of teenhood.

Locker Room

By Greta Nash | Drama
A teenage girl discovers her male friends' secret group chat, forcing her to question her friendship with them.


By Boris Seewald | Drama
A young woman walks up to a microphone in a small room and gives the speech of her life.

Sam Did It

By Dominic Burgess | Comedy
A man gets the chance to meet his celebrity idol. The only problem is that he works in a morgue and his idol is dead.

Beneath the Surface

By Mark Pallisgaard Hansen and Mikkel Tengvad | Sci-Fi
After the Earth's ice melts, two friends escape an underground shelter beneath the ocean in hopes of a better life on the surface.