Submit a Film

At Omeleto, we're passionate about getting amazing films seen by the world's largest audience.

You've put countless hours into your film -- and you deserve an audience that appreciates it. Sure, you can submit it to film festivals, but fees add up and being selected can often be a political affair. Or you can throw it online, but it's hard to stand out from the ocean of content.

That's where we come in.

We started Omeleto to help great films get seen by millions. We're YouTube and Facebook's #1 channel for films, reaching over tens of million of viewers each month.

We don't just take a film and throw it online. We're experienced in organic social marketing and use data analytics to help package films to go viral. We can't guarantee everything will reach millions, but we have a decent track record.

So if you're interested in being considered, please email us at submit [at] with a link to your film. (Upload to WeTransfer, Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo). Please mention any festival selections or awards given.

You MUST own the full rights to the film.

All submissions will get proper credit if accepted. If you don't hear back from us within 14 days, unfortunately, your film was not selected.


I was excited to work with Omeleto from an audience perspective. As a filmmaker, it's hard to get your film seen and with Omeleto I was certain that my film could reach an audience that was much broader than the film festival or vimeo audience. As a filmmaker my biggest problem is twofold - finding funding and finding distribution that gets my film seen At the moment, I think Omeleto's network and ability to promote my film not only rivals, but exceeds what's available (like Vimeo Staff Pick). They're able to help me find an audience in a way I'd never be able to do on my own. -Emily Sheskin of Girl Boxer

Working with Omeleto was very fruitful. My short Jada has over 14 million views on the channel, a type of exposure I never imagined for it. And the feedback has been tremendous. I'd love to work with you guys again. -Doug Roland of Jada

I've been grateful for Omeleto to help build me an audience as I'm starting my career. I get dozens of emails from fans a week which is enjoyable. -Jack Anderson of Wire Cutters

We could not have imagined our film "Eric & Peety" would go viral with tens of millions of views. Omeleto surpassed every other avenue in reaching viewers around the world. We were amazed and extremely pleased with the reach and the engagement in terms of comments and sharing. Since then, Omeleto has helped reach tens of millions more viewers for our subsequent three films collectively, in large part thanks to their creative efforts. It was remarkable to see how their experiments with "Josh & Scout" generated 15M views starting from the special Memorial weekend push. Beyond the impressive global reach that Omeleto brings to Mutual Rescue's films, we are pleased at how aligned we are in our desire to inspire people to take compassionate action. We know that Omeleto understands and supports what drives Mutual Rescue, and we value their goal of focusing on storytelling. We hope to expand our international audience through Omeleto, given Mutual Rescue's popularity abroad. -David Whitman of Mutual Rescue