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Omeleto is the home for the next generation of great filmmakers. You've put countless hours into your film -- and you deserve an audience that appreciates it. Showcase with us and join spectacular company: Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre.

We're passionate about getting great films seen by the world's largest audience -- with over three million subscribers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram combined, and tens of million of viewers each month.

We can't guarantee every film will reach millions, but we have a pretty good track record.


  • To be considered, your film must have played at an Oscar-qualifying, BAFTA-qualifying or similar top-tier festival.
  • We request a watermark to deter theft and a short fade in/out of our "Omeleto" mark at the beginning/end of the film.
  • We request that we be allowed to run ads on films submitted to Omeleto. Much of our behind-the-scenes work involves optimizing and a/b testing your film before posting, then closely monitoring analytics and algorithmic performance after release. Running ads helps with these analytics and monitoring costs, and allows us to showcase films without charging a fee. If your production or distribution agreements prohibit monetization in this way, we won't be able to accept your film.

I agree to the requirements listed above.