Submit a Film

You've put countless hours into your film -- and you deserve an audience that appreciates it. Showcase with Omeleto and join spectacular company: Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre.

We're passionate about getting great films seen by the world's largest audience -- with over three million subscribers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram combined, and tens of million of viewers each month.

We can't guarantee every film will reach millions, but we have a pretty good track record.


  • To be considered, your film must have played at an Oscar-qualifying, BAFTA-qualifying or similar top-tier festival. Please mention any official selections and/or awards. We give precedence to Oscar-qualifying events.
  • We prefer films between 8- to 15-minutes in length. On average, we showcase films that run around 12 minutes. Longer films will be tougher to judge. Films under 6-minutes will not be considered.
  • We CANNOT showcase films with graphic nudity, excessive violence or explicit sex, due to YouTube and Facebook's policies. But if you can give us a "clean" cut, we can consider it.

What We Look For

  • Please check out our Official Selection for examples of what we look for. Foremost, we consider the quality and emotional impact of the storytelling. We also consider the skill of craftsmanship and production value.
  • We do NOT accept films with little story or comedies that rely on a single punchline.
  • We do NOT accept student works (with the exception of MFA thesis films.)

What to Expect

  • All submissions will receive proper credit and link if accepted.
  • We request a watermark to deter theft and a short fade in/out of our "Omeleto" mark at the beginning/end of the film. We do this with all films we showcase, and we'll show you how it'll look for final approval before launch.
  • We do NOT claim any rights, windows or exclusives on the film, and if you ever need us to take it down for any reason, send us an email and we'll remove it ASAP, no questions asked.
  • In some cases, unlicensed music can trigger a copyright claim from a record label. That means the label puts ads on the film, with revenue going to them -- not us. If you're okay with that, so are we.

So if you're interested in being considered, send us an email at submit [AT] omeleto [DOT] com with:

  • A link to your film (upload to WeTransfer, Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo).
  • A list of festival selections and/or awards.
  • A mention how you found us and/or if you were referred.

Due to the volume of submissions, we aren't able to reply to everyone. If you don't hear back from us within 14 days, unfortunately, your film was not selected.

Our Story

We started Omeleto to solve a problem.

Filmmakers spend a lot of time and money making a film, then spend just as much trying to get it seen. Festival are costly -- registration fees and travel expenses can add up. And that's if you get in. Who does your agent know on the selection committee? It's often political.

Then, after the run is done, you throw your film online. But as Sundance Programmer Mike Plante explains, "If you put your short online the good news is many people can watch it. But the real news is that 10 people will watch it -- even if you are the hottest thing. There is just so much stuff online. Putting something online just isn't enough."

So we had this idea: what if we created a home for award-winning short films -- a destination for one great short film a day? What if we pulled together talented filmmakers to attract and share a huge audience? So that's what we did.

For viewers, we offer the best in short-form narrative storytelling -- ideal in today's mobile-first era and perfect for a lunch break or train ride -- those bite-sized gaps throughout our day.

Our goal is to give filmmakers the reach that no festival or theater can offer, on a world stage, for free. And to provide viewers with a premium, mobile-first experience that no one is offering.

We're not an agent or a distributor or a middle man. We're a scrappy team with a deep understanding of algorithms and analytics. We parse through tons of user data -- engagement rates, audience retention stats, watch time metrics, among others -- to gleam insights into audience behavior. We learn what they click on, what they watch, when they stop watching, what specific scenes they like or dislike, how emotionally engaged they are and how likely they'll comment or share.

We marry science and art to choose what viewers love and how to optimize and help filmmakers reach millions.