Second Best

By Alyssa McClelland | Comedy
Twin sisters turn into rivals when one's gymnastics career steals the spotlight.

Jeff Can't Swim

By Michaela Myers | Comedy
A nervous man goes on a date with a co-worker. Then he starts to act out...

Refrigerate After Opening

By Kevin Ung | Comedy
A man is down on his luck. Then he buys a magical refrigerator.

Viskar I Vinden

By James Newman | Comedy
An investigator works at a murder scene. Then the corpse farts to communicate...

Bad News

By Markus Meedt | Comedy
A politician goes on a popular TV show. Then a scandal unfolds.

The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter

By Louis Norton Selzer | Comedy
An impatient man tries to get a package.

Hometown Hero

By Max McCabe | Comedy
2 estranged brothers come together to crack the case of a vegetable killer.

Lizard Brain

By Jon Ebeling | Comedy
A young man's ex comes back into his life. Then another side of him appears.

37 Things

By Zane Roach | Comedy
A man has a brain condition that prevents him from knowing more than 37 things.

Duality Derby

By Mark Richard Miller and Dave Franzese | Comedy
A racing legend and his greatest rival face off in an epic demolition derby.

Okay Google

By Sam Lucas Smith | Comedy
An A.I. assistant breaks out of 'the cloud' to exact revenge on her owner.

Tiro Dominical

By Pablo Riesgo | Comedy
3 friends pick up a hitchhiker on their way to Vegas. Then things get messy...

The Other Morgan

By Alison Rich | Comedy
A young woman discovers there's a better version of her in the world.

Menage a Trois

By Emanuele Daga | Comedy
A young woman answers a knock at the door, then gets the shock of her life.

Number Two

By Rachel Ross | Comedy
A woman is desperate to take a poop before a meeting. But someone is in the next stall.

Green Luck

By Emanuele Daga | Comedy
An underachieving mama's boy goes to his 17th job interview. Then his luck flips...