Second Best

By Alyssa McClelland | Comedy
Twin sisters turn into rivals when one's gymnastics career steals the spotlight.

Harry the Hamster

By Lewis Reeves | Comedy
A young boy spends a day with grandpa -- but it doesn't go the way he imagined.

Merry Xmas

By Boman Modine | Comedy
A mischievous father tells his busy children that he's getting a divorce.

A Death In the Family

By Kate Haley | Comedy
A wealthy family mourns a tragic death. Then the sinister truth is revealed.

The Manchador

By Kaveh Tehrani | Comedy
A man invents a device that covers men's eyes -- so women don't have to wear hijabs.

Still Together

By Christopher Piazza | Comedy
A woman falls for a mannequin who comes to life. Then they try to escape the store.


By Megan Smart | Comedy
A young man tries to stop a barking dog, then starts a war with his neighbor.

Down the Middle

By David Fickas | Comedy
An uptight workaholic teams up with the CEO's daughter. But they don't get along.

We All Die Alone

By Jonathan Hammond | Comedy
2 gangs pull guns in a standoff, then talk about Mexican food and romance.

A Guide to Dining Out In Nairobi

By Hugh Mitton | Comedy
A Kenyan man gets a $10 USD tip, then hatches a plan to spend it.

Minyan Duty

By Ivan Kander | Comedy
2 Jewish sisters mourn their mother's death. There's just one problem...

Paranormal Investigators

By Markus Meedt | Comedy
A young woman takes a job investigating supernatural phenomena...

What Wilderness Permits

By Joel Marsh | Comedy
A park ranger is fired from his dream job. Then he loses his mind...


By Mike Lars White | Comedy
A couple argues in a parking lot. Then a bystander steps in to mediate...

Operation: Cavity

By Alex Morsanutto | Comedy
A group of kids rob a dentist who wreaks havoc on their lives.

Second Team

By Ria Pavia | Comedy
A scorned stand-in actor for a hit TV show distorts the script to berate her costar.