Pink Trailer

By Mary Neely | Comedy
2 friends hide from a terrorizing neighbor... until they run out of anti-depressants.

Lazercism (Sundance)

By Shaka King | Comedy
A Black man explains 'racial glaucoma' and the laser treatment that erases it.

Sunday Punch

By Alan Powell | Comedy
A couple's argument is broadcast to millions as a live sporting event.

Must Kill Karl

By Joe Kicak | Comedy
This guy is an asshole. Maybe his friends should kill him.

The Backseat

By Joe Stankus and Ashley Connor | Comedy
An elderly couple is tasked with driving their adult daughter to work.

Customer Service

By Alex Medina | Comedy
A man tries to find a song that changed his life. But his temper gets in the way.

Death In Bloom

By Dael Oates | Comedy
A 'death' salesman struggles to close a deal with a fabulously difficult customer.

A New Man

By Hughes William Thompson | Comedy
A man assumes the identities of strangers at a coffee shop to avoid being alone.

Long Term Delivery

By Jake Honig | Comedy
An elite USPS agent is determined to deliver a 10-year-old Christmas present.

The Hook

By Nick Flugge | Comedy
A washed-up boxer gives a one-to-one lesson that changes his life forever.

Amateur Dictator

By Zach Carver | Comedy
A building superintendent dreams of becoming a dictator.


By Matteo J. Mosterts | Comedy
A secret force is determined to end the use of the word 'literally'.

Wifey Redux

By Robert McKeon | Comedy
A father becomes obsessed with chasing off his teenage daughter's new boyfriend.

1500 Words

By Andrew Chaplin | Comedy
A man with 1500 words left to live struggles to keep his marriage and himself alive.


By Ben West | Comedy
A man goes to a therapist to try to put himself back together.