Edmund the Magnificent ft. David Bradley & Ian McKellen

By Ben Ockrent | Comedy
A farmer invests his savings in a piglet.

Sam Did It

By Dominic Burgess | Comedy
A man gets to meet his celebrity idol. But he works in a morgue and his idol is dead.

Popeye the Pizza Man

By Justin Robinson | Comedy
A pizza man delivers a helping to the wrong guy at the right time.

Don't Tell Larry

By Greg Porper and John Schimke | Comedy
A little office gossip never hurt anyone... until now.

Ride or Die

By Zeke Farrow | Comedy
2 friends make a doomsday escape plan... and it's not a good one.

Always On Time

By Matthew P. Rojas | Comedy
A designer races against time to finish a presentation for a wristwatch campaign.

We're All Going to Die

By Stefan Hunt | Comedy
A man takes on the simple task of exploring the meaning of life.

Today's the Day ft. Danny DeVito

By Daniel Cloud Campos | Comedy
A dance intern tries to get permission to attend the big audition.

Domestic Policy

By Alicia MacDonald | Comedy
A tea lady eavesdrops on a top-secret meeting to save the British Empire.

Don't Keep Your Love a Secret

By Jason Headley | Comedy
A couple just wants to get that spark back in their relationship.


By Brendan Cleaves | Comedy
A man returns home to discover his best friend has replaced him with a ventriloquist doll.

Woman of a Certain Age

By Amanda Cowper, Kate Dearing and Sami Kriegstein | Comedy
A woman is visited by herself at different ages to give their best advice.

Pink Trailer

By Mary Neely | Comedy
2 friends hide from a terrorizing neighbor... until they run out of anti-depressants.

Lazercism (Sundance)

By Shaka King | Comedy
A Black man explains 'racial glaucoma' and the laser treatment that erases it.

Sunday Punch

By Alan Powell | Comedy
A couple's argument is broadcast to millions as a live sporting event.