My Ex-Girlfriend Is a Shovel

By Dezi Gallegos | Comedy
A young woman realizes her ex was a shovel -- literally.

Date Nite

By J.J. Shpall | Comedy
A lonely man risks his life for a chance at human connection.

Hard Rubbish

By Stephen Packer | Comedy
A teenager is mugged by a gang, then clumsily calls the cops to seek justice.


By Joshua Dang | Comedy
A woman must confess her love of meat to her vegan boyfriend before he meets her family.

The President's Visit

By Cyril Aris | Comedy
A soap maker learns the president is visiting him. Then the town finds out.

Marcy Learns Something New

By Julia Kennelly | Comedy
A widow takes a dominatrix class to shake up her life.

Kill Your Dinner

By Bryn Chainey | Comedy
A father tries to bond with his son by killing their meal. Everything goes wrong.

Crude Oil (Sundance)

By Christopher Good | Comedy
A young woman with a 'useless' superpower breaks free from a toxic friendship.

Nighty Night

By Matt Porter | Comedy
A man can't fall asleep during a sleep study. So the overnight technician helps him.

Debbie and Doug Drop Acid In the Desert

By Scott Brown | Comedy
A couple drops acid in the desert to save their marriage.

The Father

By Verner Maldonado | Comedy
An ex-con crashes his daughter's wedding to walk her down the aisle.

Sorry, Not Sorry

By Monique Sorgen | Comedy
A man eats his wife's plums. Then all hell breaks loose.

A Band of Thieves

By Fidel Ruiz-Healy | Comedy
A young girl turns her Texas suburb into a lawless playground.

Jessica Jessica

By Jasper Savage | Comedy
2 women in their mid-30s are ready to settle down. But they won't settle for less.

Finding Shakespeare

By Margaret McGoldrick | Comedy
A teenage girl must learn about Shakespeare. Then a mischievous fairy appears.