All Is Not Lost

By Natalie Gee | Comedy
An elderly man gets revenge on a rival in a nursing home.

The Sunset Channel

By Matthew Kinahan | Comedy
A man sees a disturbing event on TV and believes he may be the only witness.

Romance Language

By Jose Lourenco | Comedy
2 strangers have a one-night stand. But their inner monologues are spoken aloud.


By Harry Jackson | Comedy
The Beast, the Phantom and the Hunchback use a dating app to find love.


By Christophe M. Saber | Comedy
A father slaps a disobedient child. Then a bystander threatens to report him for abuse.

A Sari for Pallavi

By Kate Chamuris | Comedy
An Indian-American must decide between her tradition or identity for a wedding.

The Going Away Party

By Connor Hurley | Comedy
A depressed man throws a party to say goodbye to all his friends.

The Christmas Fish

By Cole Stamm | Comedy
An awkward teacher spends Christmas Eve with a student and his attractive wife.

A King's Betrayal

By David Bornstein | Comedy
The final 24 hours in the life of a pinata, told from the pinata's perspective.

Father Figurine

By Matt Kazman | Comedy
A wealthy family discovers an unusual request in their deceased patriarch's will.

Space Flower

By Pam Covington | Comedy
A young woman longs for a forbidden love.


By Eric Ian Goldberg | Comedy
4 lifelong friends play tennis each week despite grudges, injuries and death.

Midnight Confession

By Maxwell McCabe-Lokos | Comedy
A man calls some old friends to make amends for past misdeeds.

Wally's Will

By Matteo Mosterts | Comedy
An aristocratic woman and her loyal servant fight to uphold her crumbling empire.

Reservations for Three

By Steven Bennett | Comedy
A high-strung woman reveals her relationship doubts over a romantic dinner.