Three Deaths (Sundance)

By Jay Dockendorf | Drama
3 strangers confront death in a modern interpretation of a Tolstoy story.

Little Chief (Sundance)

By Erica Tremblay | Drama
A young teacher cares for a troubled boy on a Native American reservation.


By Lauren Simpson | Drama
A woman's night out with her new boyfriend takes an unexpected turn.

Timo's Winter

By Giulio Mastromauro | Drama
A young boy who lives among carnival workers faces the hardest winter of his life.

White Gold

By Luke Bradford | Drama
A woman with albinism has her arm hacked off by a witch doctor. Now she wants revenge.

No More Wings

By Abraham Adeyemi | Drama
2 friends meet at their favorite fried chicken shop. But their lives have diverged.

Cake Day

By Phillip Thomas | Drama
A recovering addict wakes on his '5-Year Sobriety Day', after relapsing the night before.

Feeling Through (Oscars)

By Doug Roland | Drama
A homeless teen meets a deaf-blind man who changes his life forever...


By Hadley Hillel | Drama
A man's suicide attempt rips a hole in the ceiling. Then he befriends the boy upstairs.


By Pier-Philippe Chevigny | Drama
A young boy questions his father's militia after discovering a family in the woods.

One Day Notice

By Bryce Marrero | Drama
A Hollywood agent threatens to kill an assistant if he fails to sign a famous star.


By Jose Acevedo | Drama
A Brooklyn teen gets a warning on the most important day of his life. It may be too late...

South of Bix

By Briana Pozner and Justine Lupe | Drama
A young woman comes home to say goodbye to her dying, estranged grandfather.

On Air

By Bastiaan Rook | Drama
A radio DJ gets a caller who threatens to kill his mother if he's taken off the air.

Cool for Five Seconds

By Dani Wieder | Drama
A woman meets her estranged sister at a diner. But it doesn't go as planned.