The Silent Echo

By Suman Sen | Drama
4 teenagers leave their mountain village in Nepal to enter a band contest.


By Tara Westwood | Drama
2 burglars break into a U.S. senator's home. Then it takes a shocking turn.


By Sil van der Woerd | Drama
A man can't accept that his wife is dying. Then he meets a dark presence in the woods.

A Million Eyes

By Richard Raymond | Drama
A gifted photographer with an alcoholic mother searches for his muse.

The Cathar

By Liam Hendrix Heath | Drama
A washed-up musician meets a psychic who convinces him to find a long-lost treasure.


By Gleb Osatinski | Drama
An immigrant couple with expired visas faces a dilemma when their baby has an accident.

Before Seven

By Ray Sisters | Drama
A young woman babysits 2 British sisters, then discovers something's wrong.


By Patricia McCormack | Drama
A mother prepares her son's favorite meal. But something's not quite right...

Maggie In the Attic

By Kim Krohn | Drama
A woman struggles with divorce, then accidentally locks herself in the attic.

For Good

By Lukas Dong | Drama
A couple goes through fertility treatments. But the strain threatens to break them apart.


By Dan Daniel | Drama
A young woman craves an older man's affection. But he already has a date.

The Observer Effect

By Garret Walsh | Drama
A woman is haunted by an obsessed stalker. Then he jumps out to protect her.

Hey Ma

By Laurie Barraclough | Drama
A young woman thinks she sees her lost mother. So she follows her through the night.


By Emma Miranda Moore | Drama
A young boy is bullied relentlessly, then forms an unexpected connection with a neighbor.

Maryam Joon

By Bita Ghassemi | Drama
A young Iranian girl discovers a provocative VHS tape belonging to her father.