A Man Falls From the Sky

By Jan Verdijk and Kurt Platvoet | Drama
A couple sees a man fall from the sky and deals with it in their own way.


By Maria Salgado Gispert | Drama
A lonely cleaner and an after-school instructor exchange glances and wordless sympathy.


By Sean Garrity | Drama
A father learns his daughter is going blind. So he takes her to see the Rocky Mountains.

A Mother

By Natasha Ngaiza | Drama
A mother must come to terms with her decision to end an unexpected pregnancy.

Unknown Caller

By Nardeep Khurmi | Drama
A man gets a scam phone call on tax day, then lashes back at the scammers.

I Was Still There When You Left Me

By Marie Mc Court | Drama
A young girl is consumed by guilt thinking she started a fire.


By Laura Neri | Drama
A lonely boy and an injured woman develop an unlikely connection at a hospital.

A Woman

By Tahmina Rafaella | Drama
A young, modern mother struggles to find her place in a Muslim country.

Lucky Girl

By Sidi Wang | Drama
An adopted Chinese girl discovers a Chinese buffet doesn't serve 'real Chinese food'.


By Richard Paris Wilson | Drama
A man loses his clothes at a laundromat, then embarks on a journey to get them back.

Those Eyes

By Nick Scown | Drama
A young man tracks down his birth mother to get answers to his lifelong questions.

Road to Peshawar

By Hammad Rizvi | Drama
A young Afghan girl embarks on a dangerous journey to Pakistan.


By Dustin Curtis Murphy | Drama
A doctor who lives off the grid stumbles upon the body of a kidnapped politician.


By Ben Brand | Drama
A man dies in a car accident, then has a conversation with God about the meaning of life.


By Richard Prendergast | Drama
A single mother takes her family on a road trip. But it's to an unwanted destination.