Feeling Through (Oscars)

By Doug Roland | Drama
A homeless teen meets a deaf-blind man who changes his life forever...


By Hadley Hillel | Drama
A man's suicide attempt rips a hole in the ceiling. Then he befriends the boy upstairs.


By Max Lincoln | Drama
An ambitious artist gets jealous when her girlfriend creates an accidental masterpiece.


By Pier-Philippe Chevigny | Drama
A young boy questions his father's militia after discovering a family in the woods.

One Day Notice

By Bryce Marrero | Drama
A Hollywood agent threatens to kill an assistant if he fails to sign a famous star.


By Jose Acevedo | Drama
A Brooklyn teen gets a warning on the most important day of his life. It may be too late...

South of Bix

By Briana Pozner and Justine Lupe | Drama
A young woman comes home to say goodbye to her dying, estranged grandfather.

On Air

By Bastiaan Rook | Drama
A radio DJ gets a caller who threatens to kill his mother if he's taken off the air.

Cool for Five Seconds

By Dani Wieder | Drama
A woman meets her estranged sister at a diner. But it doesn't go as planned.

Mary Anning

By Natashia Mattocks | Drama
A woman hunts for fossils and makes a big discovery. But she doesn't get credit again.

I’ll End Up In Jail (Sundance)

By Alexandre Dostie | Drama
A woman gets into a deadly car crash. And nobody wants the blame.

Born In Battle

By Yangzom Brauen | Drama
A child soldier is haunted by nightmares where he must make a life-or-death choice.

A Real Adventure

By Josh Zuckerman | Drama
A man visits his father in prison, then discovers a lifetime of empty promises.


By Jamieson Pearce | Drama
2 elderly women are found in bed together at a nursing home. Then family tensions rise.


By Liza Koifman | Drama
A young woman struggles to care for her disabled brother after their parents' death.