By Connor Simpson | Drama
A young boy is questioned after his friend disappears. Then he makes a life-altering choice.

Under Darkness

By Caroline Friend | Drama
A young Jewish woman joins the Soviet resistance during World War II.

The Other Side

By Josh Leong | Drama
2 orphan brothers face the reality of never being adopted.

I’ll Be Here for a While

By Dakota and Dylan Pailes-Friedman | Drama
A young man struggles with being his mother's caretaker.


By Mike Manning | Drama
A man gives a woman a ride to a party. But the evening falls short of his expectations.

This Is Me

By Taha Ismail | Drama
A young man lives a double life of partying, then comes clean about his lack of faith.

Three Sacks Full of Hats

By Debbie Anzalone | Drama
A man returns to see his dying alcoholic brother and face his parents.


By Tom Tennant | Drama
A husband wants to get rid of the nanny. But his wife doesn't want to for a reason.

The Complex

By Dane McCusker | Drama
A young woman is forced to deal with a neighbor's unwelcome advances.


By April Nations | Drama
A pregnant teen risks her life to carry out a brutal procedure.

The Critic

By Stella Velon | Drama
An award-winning actress faces her harshest critic during an interview gone wrong.


By Isa Benn | Drama
A Black woman asks her ex-boyfriend what went wrong. She wasn't ready for his answer.

Year Zero

By David Siev | Drama
2 brothers risk everything for survival under the Khmer Rouge regime.

Moonlight Dreams

By Souvid Datta | Drama
A pregnant teen returns to her village to challenge her sister's marriage.

The Widow’s Last

By Vanessa Perdriau | Drama
A young widow fights to save her dying son during a devastating famine.