Wandering Soul

By Josh Tanner | Horror
A Vietnamese soldier is haunted by the ghost of a fallen comrade.

The Familiar

By Kody Zimmermann | Horror
A young man becomes a vampire's assistant. But it's not what he expected...

Hunter's Cabin

By N'cee Van Heerden | Horror
A cursed man goes to a remote cabin in the woods. But he's not alone...

The Boy's Gone

By Sarah Polhaus | Horror
A couple grieves over the loss of their little boy. But nothing is as it seems.


By Markus Meedt | Horror
A group of friends foolishly play a game of 'Werewolf'. Then it starts to seem real...


By Theo Rhys | Horror
A taxidermist goes on the dark web to find someone to stuff. But a romantic spark happens.

For Sale

By Francesco Gabriele | Horror
2 lovers drive to a remote town in Italy. But it's completely empty...


By Aaron Morgan | Horror
2 sisters stop at a roadside bathroom. Its resident demands to play a terrifying game...


By Josh Banks | Horror
A woman discovers a mysterious mask, then wakes up several days later...

Sleep Tight

By Lewis Taylor | Horror
A young gamer is confined to a wheelchair. But he's not home alone...

The Encounter at Boundless

By Adam Spinks | Horror
A family goes camping and discovers that monsters are real...


By N'cee Van Heerden | Horror
A man discovers the horrifying consequence of revealing his original idea.


By Suri Grennell | Horror
A young woman has an ominous dream as a mysterious pandemic sweeps over the world.

A Telephone Call for Genevieve Snow

By Peter Long | Horror
A lonely woman gets a call from a mysterious stranger.

The Monster

By Bob Pipe | Horror
An iconic monster falls in love with his leading lady on the set of a dubious film.

Something's Wrong With Peter

By Carl Fry and Nic Bonesteel | Horror
3 friends visit a murder site. One of them is possessed by a demon...