By Erika Davis-Marsh | Romance
A young dancer falls for a deaf guy, then tries to find her place in the world.

Allan Ellen

By Juan Ros | Romance
A couple with a serious crisis travels to a desert to recover their lost love.

City Lights

By Ed Wiles | Romance
A security guard flirts with a cleaner in the opposite tower in an unconventional way.

Sloan Hearts Neckface

By Justin Fair | Romance
An anonymous graffiti artist falls for a fan. But he can't reveal himself...

Training Wheels (Sundance)

By Alison Rich | Romance
An awkward woman rents a man to practice for her dream guy.

On the Rocks

By Patrick Hickman | Romance
A group of singles meet at a bar -- and navigate the awkward dating grounds in L.A.


By B. Welby-Delimere | Romance
A man who never leaves his home falls for his socially-anxious mailwoman.

How Can I Forget

By Natalia Andreadis | Romance
2 strangers on a blind date discover they have the same magical ability.

Tristan and Isaac

By Michaela Myers | Romance
A woman meets a man and falls deeply in love. But reality becomes unavoidable...


By Laura O'Shea and Tony Doyle | Romance
2 strangers meet on a dating app to hook up in a remote location...


By Melanie Easton | Romance
A young man's cat transforms into a woman. Then they develop a relationship...

Penny and Paul

By Brian Rawlins | Romance
A woman finds her soulmate in Vegas, then discovers she doesn't know him at all.

How to End a Conversation

By Gregory J.M. Kasunich | Romance
A heartbroken man can't stop calling his ex. So he sees a therapist.

Meet Cute

By Jason C. Brown | Romance
2 strangers at a funeral make an unexpected connection.

The Gesture and the Word

By Helen Alexis Yonov | Romance
A florist gives her postman a flower every day. But he's too shy to date.

Of Thread and Almonds

By Rebecca Manley | Romance
A coat checker at a museum meets a Ph.D. student. There's instant chemistry.