Into the Silent Sea

By Andrej Landin | Sci-Fi
A Soviet cosmonaut who is stranded in space discovers a voice in the distance.


By Matt Black | Sci-Fi
A man goes to a public restroom -- and gets trapped in a time paradox.

Little Brother

By Cyrus Saidi and Gautam Pinto | Sci-Fi
A young woman speaks out against a tyrannical government. There are consequences.


By Mykola Metin | Sci-Fi
A man tries to keep his wife alive -- and hide a shocking truth from their daughter.

Let Me Assist You

By Noam Argov | Sci-Fi
A man's A.I. assistant tries to take over as his fitness and wellness coach.

Silly Human

By Cory Williamson | Sci-Fi
An actress stars in an A.I.-produced TV show. It demands one thing -- perfection.


By Kris Sundberg | Sci-Fi
A man builds a robotic version of his brother after an unfortunate accident.


By Keith Allott | Sci-Fi
A reclusive sci-fi enthusiast develops a friendship with a customer service agent.

Black Box

By Nicole Sofia | Sci-Fi
A lonely wife tries to rekindle a dying marriage, then discovers a life-changing secret.


By Ryan Patch | Sci-Fi
A social worker forces a 'happy patch' on little girl to modify her behavior.


By Emanuele Sana | Sci-Fi
A couple gets a robot for psychological support after losing their only child.


By Ben Joyner | Sci-Fi
A young woman goes out for drinks with a man amid news of strange disappearances.


By Jonny Zeller | Sci-Fi
A cadet discovers the master sergeant has a massive sore in a world where lies leave scars.

Sundown Trail

By Luke Asa Guidici | Sci-Fi
A young boy must trust a bandit to save his father in a post-apocalyptic world.

Body of the Mined

By Eric Jungmann | Sci-Fi
A young woman meets a reclusive engineer with an extraordinary machine.


By Stephan Eigenmann | Sci-Fi
A mother uses futuristic technology to suppress her fear of losing her daughter in combat.